The only three questions you need to ask before the year is up! #GoalSetting

The only three questions you need to ask before the year is up!

I know it’s common to talk about goal setting late December and early January. There are many options and processes out there to follow, which is right for you? We all know how important goal setting is and having a vision for the year ahead. That’s why I always go through my goal setting process before the year is up! I like to start new years day knowing I’m already in progress towards my new goals.

My advice is to use whichever method works for you. It’s not really about the method you follow it’s more about getting those goals down and making sure you have a way to track and measure your progress. Which ever you choose it must also adapt to any outcomes or goals suddenly changing.

Tips to create great goals

  • You must believe your goals are possible to achieve!

  • You know why you want them.

I follow two types of goal setting processes. The first is real short – I call it the evaluation process. The second is pretty labour intensive, but it enables me to plan the whole year ahead with clear targets for each month, right down to the week and day. This second process also helps me when reviewing the year as I keep notes each month of my achievements.
The short process consists of answering the following questions.

The Evaluation process

  • What did I achieve this year?

  • What were my biggest disappointments?

  • What am I going to release this year?

RPM Planning Method

The Second Process I use is Tony Robbins RPM method. Which stands for

R – Results or outcome.
P- Planning, schedule the time.
M- If for a Massive action plan.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just use what works for you. The most important part is having the goals and tracking them. As they say not planning is planning to fail so make sure you setup your 2017 for nothing but huge success!

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